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The Sandcastle That Lola Built

by Megan Maynor

A modern, summery spin on the classic The House That Jack Built, in which Lola's day at the beach leads to new friends and a giant sandcastle.

Lola is building her dream sandcastle--one with a tall, tall tower and sea glass that sends signals to mermaids. But the beach is crowded, and soon enough, a boy steps on her castle. Not to worry! Lola recruits him to build a wall. When a toddler with a bulldozer starts digging too close the walls, Lola decides he can be in charge of digging the moat. As the sandcastle grows, so does Lola's friendly group of helpers. There's only one thing that Lola doesn't want near the sandcastle: a wave! Will the new friends be able to salvage the mermaids' castle when their hard work is washed away?




"The joys of a day at the beach — along with those inevitable moments of frustration, too — are packed into this story of a girl building a sandcastle. There’s a “dude with a Frisbee” who at first steps right on it, then helps fix it. There’s a little guy with a bulldozer and a girl from Minnesota who end up helping, too. There’s the wave that wipes their masterpiece away, and then the sweet moment of realizing they’ve formed a spontaneous “we” and can start building again. Berube’s delightful paint-and-collage illustrations capture an easy, playful beach mood, with a hint of mystery in the ocean and sky."—New York Times

"Dig into this playful, beachy read."—Kirkus

"The delightful text, coupled with nondogmatic examples of intent cooperation, make this a wonderful choice for group sharing and a great vehicle for launching the beach season."—School and Library Journal

"The collage and mixed-media illustrations make the shoreline landscape and the chill vibe of a beach vacation feel very close at hand. In an age of adult-organized play, this book offers a fun but pointed reminder that children are more than capable of organizing themselves."—Publishers Weekly