School Visits

Kate loves visiting schools and talking with kids about how much she enjoys writing and illustrating books. She has presented at elementary schools, bookstores, libraries, conferences, and colleges, both in person and via Skype. A full day elementary school visit includes two 45 minutes presentations (which can include a book reading, a slideshow explaining how Kate became an author and how she makes her books,  and a Q&A session), and a workshop (or any small group activity your school may like or a third presentation.) Kate will arrange her visit to fit best with your needs. Please feel free to contact her with any questions.

The students in grades K-3 really enjoyed the Skype visit and were so excited to learn about the illustration process. The question and answer session was great for students to have the opportunity to ask Kate specific questions and hear her answers. This was an amazing chance for our students to hear from a real life author and illustrator.
— Stacey Morgan, Eagle Charter School
When we had our visit, I realized something about when I am a grown up. I want to be an author and an illustrator!
— Kindergartener, Woodlawn Elementary
Kate Berube’s visit to Clark College was very entertaining and informative. Her books are a joy for little ones, of course, but the people who attended her presentation were students, writers, artists, and other adults with a special interest in children’s literature. They were clearly fascinated by her descriptions of her techniques, how her books are conceived, and how her projects make their way through the often bewildering publishing process. She also discussed her background as a painter and how she broke into the world of children’s books—valuable insights for anyone interested in illustrating or writing as a career. What a pleasure it was to host her!
— James Finley, Clark College
Kate is so good with the younger children! Our preschool students were totally mesmerized being read to by the author herself! Seeing Kate drawing right in front of them was quite an experience! Learning about the book making and illustration process at their age by Kate herself was so precious. When Kate brought up her own book from her childhood it was a great hit! They were inspired and encouraged to “publish” their own books. Kate came to visit us during our Book unit week, it was perfectly timed. This experience is planted in their little hearts and will have a great impact for their future. Thank you, Kate!!!
— Emi Nakajima, parent

Some examples of presentations available:

For kids:

The story of how Kate became a published author and illustrator. Kate shares how making mistakes is a big part of writing, illustrating and life.

A Career Day presentation -  Kate's path to become an author and what that career entails

A workshop on how to use words and pictures together to tell a story - with drawing exercise

For adults:

A step by step guide to the process of illustrating a picture book, for illustrators specifically - can include drawing exercises

"Picture Book Alchemy - Combining words and pictures to create gold" - a presentation  illuminating the various ways writers can leave space for the images to tell the story

Kate's top 8 tips for getting published - a presentation on the surprising things she learned during the almost 15 years she spent pursuing her dream of becoming a published author